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MAC Cosmetics - The Original MAC LJ Community
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This is the original community dedicated to MAC Cosmetics, where MAC addicts can discuss make-up, upcoming collections, share ideas, purchases, advice, and ask questions.

Before you post, please read the Frequently Asked Questions. You will find answers to many questions there. Also, please be sure to read the Community Rules below.

Community Rules:

1. Off topic posts are not allowed. This is a make-up community and anything related to cosmetics and beauty related topics is acceptable, but all other posts will be deleted.

2. Please be courteous and treat others with respect. No rude posts or comments are allowed. No drama. No personal attacks.

3. Put all large pictures, multiple images, and long posts behind a lj-cut tag. Instructions for how to do an lj-cut can be found HERE. A large picture is anything bigger than 350 pixels on any side. To post pictures with this size, you can use the html tag:
<img src="graphics/mac.jpg" width=100 height=100 >

4. As per LJ rules, posting someone else's personal info on this community is not allowed. Posting feedback about another person is also not allowed on this community, however, a link to a feedback site etc. is allowed.

5. Userpics that are depecting nudity, crude acts of sex or bodily functions, graphic images, or anything else that is not work safe are prohibited.

6. Sale/Swap/ISO Posts: Advertising is ok as long as you are selling MAC related items. Posts advertising anything else will be treated as off-topic posts, this includes ads for other communities and websites, unless permission is given by one of the mods in advance. Sale/Swap/ISO/CP/Ad posts, posts asking what is the selling price of items and posts linking back to a sale (even if you added new items or updated the sale) are limited to 1 post per WEEK. A week means 7 days after your last sale/ad post. Please do NOT delete the original sale post. Deleting the post and posting again within the same week will be treated as posting again and will be subject to deletion. Deleting/screening comments in any sale/iso/swap is not allowed, unless you are screening email adresses.
Sales that are done auction style must have an ending time. Items must have a price stated or will be considered as auction style.
Feedback links must be included in sale/swap posts. Do not post stories (especially ones to garner sympathy) behind why you are selling items, just post the sale, feedback links and other relevant info.

7. Do not disable comments, sales posts with comments disabled will be removed.

8. mac_cosmetics is not responsible for financial loss, damage of items, or personal problems between members. The participation of selling, swapping, or purchasing items are up to the sole discretion of all members.

9. As a courtesy to everyone, please don't make posts trying to contact only a handful of people. For example, do not post Delivery Confirmation numbers from your sale or post about when you mail packages. You should be contacting those people directly.

10. Membership is moderated. The requirements are (a)Your LJ account must be active for at least 1 month. (b)There must be at least 1 entry with comments enabled. If you are not approved the first time, please try again later. If you are accepted into the community DO NOT post an introductory post just to say that you were accepted and that you are new unless you actually have something to say!

11. Gift payments are not allowed. If you are offering/requesting gift payments on sales/iso you will be banned without warning.

If anyone continuously disregards these rules they may be banned from the community.

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