hunter87 (hunter87) wrote in mac_cosmetics,

MAC Lashes... Recs/Help Needed

Ok so I've maybe tried using false lashes one time in my entire life (like 10 years ago) so I'm a total "newbie" so to say.  That being said, I  think I'm ready to try my hand at it again.

I'm really liking a lot of the looks I've seen posted on here where some of you lovely ladies used different false lashes and it's making me want to get some for myself to try (though I'm going to need some practice).

I've been looking on the MAC site and see so many I'd like to try but would like some opinions from those of you who use/have used them in the past. What are your favorites? I'm really leaning toward the 35, 37 and/or maybe the 48.

Seriously, I'm not kidding when I say that I know next to nothing about false lashes or application. Any recs or advice is more than welcome and very much so appreciated.


p.s. I miss seeing everyone's FOTD posts! Can I get anyone to participate in a community wide FOTD post sometime this week? I think it'd be fun!
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