A Woman of Ordinary Resolution (krystynayt) wrote in mac_cosmetics,
A Woman of Ordinary Resolution

small SALE!

Last post: May 11th, 2009.

Shipping to the US is $1.50 for the first item, $0.50 for each additional item. The more you buy, the more of a discount I can give you. I accept PP. :D

Post a reply with what you want and I'll update the list as I go along. :)

Check out my feedback on Makeup Alley (flinty, 210+ positive tokens) or eBay (red_azalea, 240+ positive and 1 negative, sigh).

MAC Violet Underground eye kohl (sharpened 1x), $11

MAC Margin sheertone blush (used 2x), $10

MAC Root cream color base (used 5x), $7

MAC Bang on Blue frost eyeshadow (used 1x), $14
MAC Eyepopping satin eyeshadow (used 1x), $14

MAC Cool Lip 6 palette, shades used to different extents, lip brush NOT included, $9.
New York Apple

MAC Accent Red pigment (BN), $17

MAC Subculture (used 3x, never sharpened), $7

MAC Buttery eye kohl (2x, never sharpened), $7

No pictures yet (hope to get them up soon!):
MAC Lillicent blushcreme (SIB, used 10x), $8
Jane Iredale Emerald eyeshadow (used 3x), $6

Shu Uemura, P Yellow 327 eyeshadow (used 2x) - $12

3 Custom Color Specialists Cool Meadow wet/dry eyeshadow (used 2x), $15

3 Custom Color Specialists Mauve cream blush (used 4x), $14

Chanel Erotic glossimer (used 1x), $14

Origins Moonstruck Mauve Libra lips duo (used 5x), $4

Laura Mercier Rose lip glace (used 1x), $12

Laura Mercier Wild About Cashmere eyeshadow palette, with Cognac, Fresco and Toasted Almond (used 3x) - $9

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick and Lip kit (SIB, used 5x): $38

OPI nail polishes, $3.50 each (unless otherwise specified):
Coney Island Cotton Candy
Jewel of India
Niagara Falls for OPI
Osaka to me Orange
Siberian Nights
unlabelled OPI ($1)

Essie nail polishes, $2.00 each (unless otherwise specified):
Glamour ($1.00)
Munis Mauve
Nutcracker Sweet
Pink Diamond
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