innocentanalyst (innocentanalyst) wrote in mac_cosmetics,

Lot Sale! My Biggest One Yet! - + ISO

Mods last sale was several months ago.
Shipping and delivery confirmation is included in the lot sale. This is one lot and it's packaged and ready to go. I WILL NOT SPLIT THE LOT UP!
Feedback can be left and found on Makeup Alley under xAngiex

I'm moving next month (YAY!) so it's time to get rid of things that I don't need, use, or want. Feel free to make an offer, I need to get of a lot of stuff before I move.

ISO - I'm looking to try some UK-based beauty products, but I can't seem to get them shipped to the US. Are there any UK-based sellers on here with great feedback willing to pick stuff up for me? I've never done a UK ISO so just let me know how to do the payment in Paypal + whatever shipping would be.


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