Nelly Soetisna (Nsoetisna) wrote in mac_cosmetics,
Nelly Soetisna

question about Lorac Pro Palette

Hi everyone, can someone help to to give me opinion whether that my Lorac is real or not please. I bought from blog sale in US and she said as a gift from sorority sister. When the palette came to me, I doubt about the palette is real, the pigmentation of it so poor especially matte one. And the primer itself I googled looks not legit from what I got. The 'e' sign not in line and the cap got hole.
and the back of the packaging doesn't have black code number and the font is not right, the website Lorac address doesnt have dot after www. Please if anyone had the palette can someone send it to me please. She believed at sorority sister give her real one. Thanks for all the help.
Btw can u help me how to insert picture from my gallery on the phone?

because is Mac community can someone help me if anyone sell Mac sable pro pan..thank you once again.
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