Don't Call Me Gaga (girlinthepale) wrote in mac_cosmetics,
Don't Call Me Gaga

Okay so I'm finally getting on the bandwagon with a couple brands and since I have like, no way of seeing most of them face to face, I'm relying on your trusted opinions before I brave the e-buying sphere. I guess if this counts as an ISO, whatever. I havent done one in a while anyhow so no biggie.

1. OCC liptars. I mean from what I've seen they're amazing. But for someone who has like.... a zilliontyseven lipsticks, are they worth having? For reference, I wear Russian Red, Show Orchid, and Vegas Volt/Morange errrday. So I like my brights. I'm the kind of gal that looks "off" without a bold lip. I'm NW00, for reference (okay i know that's not a REAL COLOR ZOMG. But I'm essentially snow white. Like I wear BareMinerals in Fair and have to dump a loose mineral white eyeshadow in there to get it to match. Not kidding.) Ive got my eye on Memento and Grandma (mostly Grandma, ngl), but are there any other colors I should check out? Most nudes/neutrals tend to be either too yellow or too brown on me, so if occ has a bangin' pinky nude, I'd be all over that like a 12 year old on a Bieber tourbus.

2. Inglot. Everyone talks about how amazing and buttery and smooth and ORGASMICAL they are but... I kind of have my share of eyeshadows and from the swatches I've seen, they don't look all that unique. Like, they look pretty as can be, but also highly dupeable. I should add that I got on the whole r&r schtick, and when they arrived at my house I felt very meh. I didn't understand the hype of THOSE, hence why I'm side-eying inglot rather shiftily. I would love to build a freedom palette however so your suggestions would be so helpful.

3. MAC Fix+. I wear mineral foundation and have absolutely no intention of ever putting liquid on my face again ever ever ever (okay maybe eventually. I have a few barely-used tubes of liquid that are crying at me like pound puppies but OMG THE SKIN SUFFOCATION) but I must admit my skin feels parched mid-day. not because of the makeup, but because I was blessed with the skin of a shrimp springroll with rosacea and my skin is dryyyy dry dry. I have some sort of vitamin c spray from the body shop but that seems to make my makeup runny. Is fix+ simply a setting spray or is it suitable to use as a face refresher/hydrator?

4.deborah Lippman's Glitter In The Air. Okay as much as I love nail polish, this one appears to be named after a Pink song, and that reminds me of my mother in law (Pink is her favorite singer for reasons I'm not quite sure, and at my wedding, she snuck into the dj booth/my 15 year old cousin's laptop and changed the playlist to exclusively Pink songs. Which is ridiculous because my husband and I are really... not in to that sort of thing. Anyway. A few drinks into the reception she was drunk, crying, and singing that song at the top of her lungs. I digress.) and also I gripe over having to pay more than ten dollars for nail polish. Even though nail swatches kind of make me die with happiness inside. IDK. Justify this for me either way. MAKE DECISIONS FOR ME.

Okay I'm done. Thanks in advance, and sorry for my nonsensical rambling.
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