Brooke (xbrookecorex) wrote in mac_cosmetics,

New Sale: Added Urban Decay, OPI, LE Mac etc...

For Sale: New Items, Lowered Prices...
-Shipping to the US is included in ALL prices UNLESS you buy a lot of heavy items, then
we'll have to talk about flat rate box, etc. I'm NOT looking to profit on shipping obviously, just covering actual cost!
-$2 additional shipping for overseas regular size packages :)
*NO NAIL POLISH OVERSEAS ANYMORE, sorry, it's too expensive and technically not legal :/
-Pay By: Paypal or E-Checks
-My feedback on MakeUpAlley: SayAnythingBrooke 559+ and Ebay: SayAnythingBrooke 248+
-$10 minimum please, since shipping is included!
-SWAPS are GREAT, wishlist at the bottom!

Urban Decay Depots, Nail Polish, LE Mac..etc Collapse )
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