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Merry month of May sale, new collectibles + Sugarpill added

All packages have been shipped from all previous sales.

US Shipping $3, International $4. There may be a 3-5 days handling time for both domestic/international packages. 

My sales without pictures are working out great and are so easy to update that I'm doing it again. Photos will be available upon request, of course, if you need them for peace of mind about condition or authenticity.  Serious inquiries only for photos, please.  I will not swatch any items because I don't want to add usage to them, not to mention my camera doesn't always pick up true color.  Please Google image search for swatches.

I'm doing an update to my kit and may have other things I may be willing to part with that are not listed.  You're welcome to inquire about LE items up to about April 2010 if you are looking for something special.  I no longer have any Hello Kitty, though, just FYI. 

Please note that I have a $15 purchase minimum for all...please understand it just isn't worth the trouble to pack and ship.

In response to repeated requests from past sales:  If you absolutely only want one item that costs less than my minimum but you are "desperately wanting" it, you are welcome to buy it for $15 to meet my minimum.  If that is too high, you must not "desperately want it" that badly.  Additional whining or begging or flouncing or calling me names will not get you what you want.  Besides, chances are the item is LE and/or retail was above $15, anyway. 

Payment by PayPal only, no e-checks please. 100% positive feedback can be found under Pagangrrl at both MUA and Ebay. I've had one package get lost. I worked it out with the buyer but am letting you know in the interest of full disclosure.

Everything I have is 100% authentic. None if it came from ebay, flea markets, or any of the "wholesale" sites. Some of the packaging is different because it was employee issue and those things are noted as such.

-Fafi Fafinette with box, green dress/pink hair $20
-Holidazzle color catalog booklet from holiday 2003 $10
-Tease Me, Tempt Me full color event booklet, $10
-Viva Glam Cyndi bag, unused--$30
-Every Day Is World Aids Day MAC Logo black long-sleeved tee, unisex size XL.  Would fit a Torrid size 0 loosely, 1 snug.  Worn twice, washed three times (I washed it again for this sale)--$20
-Original long-discontinued tri-fold Matt Murphy brush clutch in the vinyl (not fabric).  There's some small scuffs here and there from usage but it is still pretty nice.  It has pockets on each side and a two tier brush area in the middle with a flap.  $35
-2003 certification necklace with original box. Box has a small chip. Necklace has come detached from lariat loop & needs to be reattached. I'd do it but I don't have small enough pliers.  Original tiny jump ring is still attached to the loop. $35
-Employee necklace. Clasp has failed but am including an employee extender with a working clasp so that you may replace it with authentic MAC parts :) $25
-Original large fabric jacquard bag with dust jacket, never used. 12 x 7 x 2 not counting the handle. $40
-White Mini Mac, unused with dust jacket, $12
-An original standard sized Deck Of Cards unshrinkwrapped.  They have been looked at but never shuffled/played with.  Make me an offer I can't refuse :)

#195 new, $20
#214 new--$18
#191, like new, light use $26
#169, washed 2x--$30
 #185 brush.  The silver writing on this is bright and intact.  Used a handful of times, still like new, washed for this sale only.   It is new enough that it still has very slight "new kabuki shed' like all the flat top MAC brushes do. $50

Pressed Iridescent Powder
Belightful, light usage--$15
Star, light usage--$18

Blushes in pots
Gentle 2x $19
Prim & Proper, employee packaging, marked gratis, unused $18
Tantone 3x $16
Trace Gold, light use $15
Flirt & Tease, light use $14
Plum Foolery blush, no dip, very lightly used $14

Blush depots
Shimmersweet--light usage, marked as training sample  $12
Springsheen, light usage $12
Breezy--handwritten sticker.  I depotted this before I learned the label trick.  Very light usage.  $12
Sunbasque--light usage, magnet just came off the bottom but that is where I have the label that came from the original sticker so if you want it, I'll send you the magnet, too.  Otherwise, I can put a new magnet on with no label or you can magnet it yourself when you get it.  $10
Frame--Old small blush/large shadow., light usage.  Really pigmented compared to the blushes made recently.  $8

Glitters--old jar
Rockin' Orange (from original Snowgirl Launch, Holiday 2002), used about 4x. $40
Reflects Turquatic, about 3/4 a jar but consider this one was never full to the top even new. $16
Reflects Rust, never used. I often open this and think I'm going to do something with it but never have. I've lost the inner lid at some point. Also, this is probably the fullest glitter I've ever had...I have never had a glitter full to the top like this. B49 batch. $20

My Rockin' Orange and Reflects Turquatic have no batch codes. I have a handful of glitters that I purchased myself from either the MAC Store or Pro that do not have them. I know their origin and know they are real but I can also include front and back jar photos if you want to further authenticate. Rockin' Orange has a black label sticker with white writing. All my Snowgirl pigments/all over gloss had the same label scheme.

Pigments, all old jar. The drier, less fluffy pigments are noted.  The neons are the driest pigments ever--if you've not used them, I will warn you that they require some manner of mixing medium or heavy duty base to show properly...they will not do their job on top of paint or primer potion.  These were also (next to my glitters) the least full pigments when purchased new because they were filled by weight and not volume...the fullness of the jars belie their actual usage.  Also, some of my jars have either a sticker or a blue dot that I placed there so that when I brought them on assignments with multiple artists that they would be harder to steal.  The stickers will come off if you don't care for them but the blue dots are there to stay.  A couple have gratis stripes on them and they are also noted.

Rose A54 2x, $16
Ruby Red A44, 2x, Pro from when they were using clear bottom labels, $18
Fuschia (sticker) AB3, 5x, $16
Neo Orange (neon, blue dot) A38  About 1/3 a teaspoon missing. See my note above about neon pigments. $15
Violet (blue dot) A46, 5x, $18
Electric Coral (blue dot) AC4, 3x, one of the drier pigments $16
Red Electric (neon, blue dot) A48 About 1/2 a teaspoon missing. See my note above about neon pigments. $14
Kitchmas A64, 3x, $16
Stacked 1 (pinks and plums) from Spring Color Forecast.  Used max 2x each color but these were never full to the top as they are filled by weight and not volume.  Wetter, almost piecy pigments.  $28
Acid Orange, about 1/3-1/2 a jar, $8. This is in a MAC logo travel jar

Lip pencils
Rosebound Lipglass pencil, $8 sharpened 2x
New Money cremestick, usage shown, $8

Eye Pencils
Light Green, (Pro), sharpened 1x $10
Iris Accents soft sparkle, sharpened 1x, $10
Wavyblue, (Pro), sharpened 2x $10
Resort Eye Kohl, shrpened 3-5x--$8
Night Sky Softsparkle pencil, sharpened 3-4x--$10
Gilded White Powerpoint, sharpened about 1-2x $8
Basic Red Chromaline $11 light swatches
Pure White Chromaline $11 light usage, a couple scrapes taken off the top

Shadows, depoted or PP. Priced as marked
There are some small nicks or "skids" from then having been put in a baggie instead of stored flat.  I tried to note them as well

Teal Blue depot, light use $7
Et Tu Bouquet depot, light dip, $7
Budding Beauty depot, light use, $8
Rio De Rosa depot, light use with a couple small nicks, $7
Ingenue Blue depot, very light use with a couple surface skids, $8
Sweeten Up depot, light dip, small nick, $7
Goldmine pro palette, no use but some surface skids $8
Swinging (spring 2003), dip, there is also a teensy bit visible in the photo along the metal edge of what looks to be the Ingenue Blue where this must have touched it in the baggie. $6
Yogurt pro palette, light use, $7
Sky Blue pro palette, soft dip, $7
In Living Pink, light use $8
Motif pro palette, soft dip, $6
Cool Heat, light use, $8

Shadows, in pots, used, priced as marked
Aquavert, dip forming, $7
Soft Force, no use (drill hole) $8
Winter Sky, light use, $7
Soft Force, no use (drill hole) $8
Perky, light use $7
Sugar Shot, light use $7
La La, light use $7
QUAD: Amazon Eyes, light use, $25
Mineralize: Love Connection, some use, a slight dip in lighter side, $12

Shadows, new in box $8
Daisy Chain
Violet Trance

Mineralize Medium Natural + Shimmer, light use, $22
Studio Tech with foil seal NW43 $20
Light Sheer Mystery compact with powder, light use, $30
NW25 Studio Fix Fluid, 85% full, $15
N3 Studio Fix Powder, BNIB $25
NW15 Studio Stick concealer, $8 probably 85% remaining
NW15 Studio Touch Up Stick $8
Pink Lure Cheek Stain, minimal usage $9
Violet Gloss, minimal usage $10

Other items, new In Box
Volcanic Ash Mask $20
Engraved Powerpoint--$10

Lipsticks, light to very light usage . All pass the vanilla smell test
Saint Germain (drill mark)-- $14
Metal Maven--$14

Lipsticks, all light usage (under 5x unless noted) $8

Bare Trance
Luv & Lust
Russe (unused)
Tropic Glow slimshine
Blonde on Blonde (unused)
Tribalist (unused), x2
Hipster (unused)
Plant A Kiss (unused)
Awaken (unused)
Midnight Media Mattene

Lashes, all MAC & new in box

#5, old box (two pairs available) $15
#3, old box (two pairs available) $9
#1, old box, $9
Brown #7, old box, $9
#6, $9
#37, $9
#41, #9

Lip glosses
Technobeet chromeglass, NIB, $10
So Baroque lipglass, NIB but is starting to turn. Not full-tilt crayon yet, but the vanilla is not strong anymore. $7
Decorative lustreglass, NIB $10
Naked Frost lipglass, NIB, $10
Cultureclash lipglass, NIB, $10
Magnetique lipglass, NIB, $10 (I have 2 of these)
New Spirit lipglass, NIB, $10
Boss Brown/Slave To Pink pro longwear. Hard to tell with the lipstick end because they NEVER smell good even when they are new. The gloss end still smells like vanilla. $10
Lipglass Tasti in Watermelon, never used but it has turned $3
Luscious Spark Dazzleglass Creme (from my kit, see below), 2x, $10
Pure Vanity Lipglass (from my kit, see below), 2x, $10

About lip products from my kit:
These have been used professionally so none of them have been double dipped. Usage guesses are approximated.  A couple of these have settled because they have been sitting in the same position for a while and may need to be mixed up a bit when you get them. These have all been sniff tested for vanilla scent and have passed unless otherwise noted.

Lipglasses from my kit, $5

Adventuresome 4x
Sable 4x
Fierce & Fabulous, maybe 1-2x, I don't really remember ever using this on anyone
Racy 3-D glass, maybe 1-2x, I don't really remember ever using this on anyone
Languish 2x, starting to turn
Rule of Fun, 2x, Nordstrom Anniversary packaging, gratis mark

Other brands--
Sugarpill Darling, full to the band below the neck. This is one of her drier chromalusts (matte base with actual glitter specks) and since they are packed by weight, not volume, they are usually not full to the very top. I've only used this about 4x or so. This absolutely HAS to have a base to stick due to the nature of the shade. Her drier loose colors are completely different than her shades like Absinthe. $10
Sugarpill Tipsy, same as above, $10
Inglot Full Metal Eyeliner #521 (royal purple).  Swatched 1x..  Still have the box.  $10
Illamasqua Poem light usage $12
Illamasqua Savage light usage $12
Illamasqua Trollop light usage $12
Occ Ginger loose pigment, light usage $6
Kryolan SP771, light usage $3
Urban Decay Rocks, never used $8

Thank you!
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