moodie613 (moodie613) wrote in mac_cosmetics,

My haul

I went to the MAC store this past weekend (my first trip ever). I hadn't purchased anything since before the Veluxe Pearls came out! So I had a HUGE list of things I wanted to look at. This is a pic of what I ended up getting. They were really busy and their displays had been ravaged, so I'll be placing an order over the phone for all the e/s I wanted. Well, not ALL of them, just the ones I can afford. =D Here's a pic of what I did get - it seemed like so much more when I was paying for them! =D

Ice Pressed Powder
Primped Up lipstick
White Gold pigment
Blue Storm pigment
Chartreuse Pro Gloss
Platinum Pro Gloss
Rose Duo Pro Gloss (I'm so thrilled by this color!)
Heart Throb lipglass
Moonstone lipglass
Post Punk glitter liner
Pinkphonic glitter liner
Peacocky glitter liner
Glamourgold glitter liner (this was supposed to be Divine Lime, but the MA picked up the wrong one)
Retractable lip brush #318 (I think)

I don't think I'm going to keep the Glamourgold liner. I rarely wear gold. Is anyone interested in purchasing it? I'm selling it for $15US. That includes shipping and is for the US only. I'd love to ship internationally, but I don't have a car to drive to the PO right now. =(
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