She of the Glossy Lips ( glossgirl) wrote in mac_cosmetics,
She of the Glossy Lips

Makeover--worth the $??

So after some discussion a few days ago about whether MAC store makeovers were free or not, I went to my local store (Columbia Mall for fellow Marylanders) tonight and asked. The guy told me that they do in fact cost $50 and that is not applied towards product, although you get a free mascara (whoop-dee-doo). Now they may have special events where they do freebies but their regular standard makeovers cost $50. He said they are "very educational."

So my question to you is, if you've had a true full-face MAC makeover is it really worth $50? Of course I seem to have no problem dropping that much money on products heh heh...I have had so many makeovers over the years from different brands with mixed results it makes me leery of having to pay when I could possibly not like the result. I do think it may be time for a "new look" though, so if I am truly going to have my eyes opened towards makeup application techniques, I guess $50 is a small price to pay. Any thoughts/experiences on this?
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