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Daydreaming all night long...

AIDS Run! Thank you LJers!

Hi All! :-)

Yesterday, my MAC Cosmetics team and I ran a 10k race in Baldwinsville, NY (outside of Syracuse) to benefit AIDS Community Resources. My whole counter came out to support the race and girls cheered, ran, and walked the race - it was a blast!! I found this wonderful trio to run with - we entertained each other and kept our spirits high! Our MAC Cosmetics team came in second place for fundraising with over EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS raised! The whole run/walk had over 1000 participants and everyone together raised over $128,000!!! It was an awesome afternoon.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The ladies of MAC @ Carousel in Syracuse!
I'm on the left, Holly (our manager!), Rose, Karen, Jess, Lynne, Riki, Gina, Kris, and young MAC supporters :-D

I want to personally thank MAC_Cosmetics members lizsybaritelizsybarite, juneplumjuneplum, jenheadjenhead, disasterdelishdisasterdelish, andreauwoand, andreauwo who supported the run with donations and purchases from my benefit sale. Also!! Thanks to Specktra Members who donated as well!

Thank you for your support, thank you to those of you who sent well wishes and donations! I love y'all!!

Lots of Love!

Erin (airrinleah!)
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